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Tajweed Quran with English Translation & Transliteration

Tajweed Quran with Meanings Translation and Transliteration - English Version

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SKU 978-9933-9002-0-5
Weight 1.80 kg
Size: 17x24cm
Cover: Hardcover
QR Coded No
Narration: Hafs
Script: Othmani - Obvious Script (Spaced out, with extra spaces at optional stops)
Indexes: Quran words Index & Quran topics index.
ISBN: 978-9933-9002-0-5
Publisher: Dar Al-Ma'arifah
Shipped From: Birmingham, UK




This complete Colour Coded Tajweed Quran comes with a nice and beautiful hard cover, it includes Translations and Transliteration into English.

Translation: meanings of the Quranic versus are translated into English and placed on the margins around the Arabic text.

Transliteration: Arabic letters are presented by English letters with added symbols in order to give the same sound of Arabic letters.

English transliteration makes it easier for the speakers of the English language to read the Tajweed Quran in Arabic pronunciation using the English alphabet letters. 

Meanings tranlated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Alla (sw) ordered us in his holy book to recite the Quran with Tajweed ... "Quran recitation modulating". System of Tajweed serves as a guide for improving the recitation of Quranic style. It was in this way that the Qur'an revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as the manner in which he recited it. Therefore, the readers of the Quran are eager to realize the promise of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): "whoever recites the Quran correctly and proficiently will be with the bountiful dutiful writers (the angels of the preserved tablet - Al lauh Al Mahfuz".

Based on a practical understanding of phonology, we have color-coded some letters to facilitate the correct recitation of the holy Quran. This enabled us to classify these letters into three possible categories to enhance the reader's knowledge and remembering of Tajweed rules:

-    The letters which requires expanded vocalization. We used red color to highlight these letters.

-    The letters which are nasalized these letters are green in color.

-    The dark blue color indicates the emphasis of the letter (R), the blue color indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound- (qualquala)

-    While the letters which are written but are not vocalized. These letters are gray in color.

The reader will get used to reciting the Quran by using colors very easily. By engaging the eye, the reader will find him/herself applying 24 rules of Tajweed with ease and precision while his/her mind is left un-enganged to comprehend and understand the meaning of the holy Quran. For more details click here

This Tajweed Quran is in Hafs narration.

All our Tajweed Quran products -including this Quran- come with the following:

  • Color coded letters: to present the Tajweed rules, very good and simple way to learn and apply Tajweed rules.
  • Obvious script: extra spaces were added between the words in order to make it easier to read and recite the Quran.
  • Permissible stops: long spaces were added at certain places where it is permissible to stop. It helps to avoid stopping at wrong places or times.
  • A set of very useful indexes such as: Surahs Color Index, Subject Index.
  • Tajweed rules explained in details with helpful illustration.

For more details about the above features please visit our Knowledge section.

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  • Author: Suchard Anchalad
    I ordered this book after I watched sheikh Yusuf Estes video talking about it in particular, very useful.

  • Author: Amina
    Subhan'Allah very good book I received it very well packed thank you
  • Author: Yusuf H.
    This is the best book I have bought in my whole life, I can recite the Quran in Arabic, apply tajweed and understand the meanings, all in this book, I am very grateful to you, thank you
  • Author: Daniel Rubio
    I received the two Qur'ans that I ordered, and I'm very satisfied. The Qur'ans are beautiful and are of high quality. Shipping and delivery was super fast, and packaging was done with care. Thank you so much! The Latin script and the color coding is quite useful for non-Native Arabic speakers who want to learn how to pronounce the Arabic Text properly, and the English translation by Yusuf Ali is very beautiful and poetic compared to other English translations. Thanks again, and I will definitely be looking at some of your other products. Take care.
  • Author: Michael
    I have just had a look at my new Quran, and it is all as described, and more. The size of the print for transliteration is very easy on the eye, and so is the Arabic. Speed of delivery was most impressive., and the packaging was secure, without being impossible to unpack. The cover is very attractive. The division of the text by juz is especially welcome. Thank you very much (the video of Sheikh Yusuf Estes helped a lot too).
  • Author: ismail
    alhamdulillah . this quran is really easy on the eye and helps immensely with tajweed
  • Author: Youssef
    Assalamoe aleikoem,

    Is there a discount possible if i buy 10 books of the book ‘ tajweed quran with englisch translation en transliteration’ ?

    How many days does it take for sending to the Netherlands?

  • Author: Adebiyi Abdulganeey
    I need this Quran
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