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Easy Quran Store is the official online shopping store for Dar Al Maarifah publishers.


Dar Al Maarifah was established by Dr. Subhi Taha in 1986, and has the honor of owning the patent, publishing and distributing the Color Coded Tajweed Quran.


Dar Al Maarifa is UK registered business, company No. 06271146


Color Coding the Quran


Between 1991 - 1994 Dar Al Maarifah obtained a patent in publishing the Color Coded Tajweed Quran.


Color coding the Quranic words is a revolutionary method invented by Dr. Subhi Taha to help the Quran learners and readers to recite the Quran and apply the tajweed rules with the help of colors, where every tajweed rule is given a specific color:


- Gray color for the letters that are not pronounced.
- Red color for the letters that need expanded vocalization.
- Green color for nasalization, which is the sound that comes out of the nose.
- Blue color for the emphatic letters.





In 1999 The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar Ash-Shareef had approved and adopted the Tajweed Qur'an published by Dar Al Maarifah. The Qur'an Revision Committee recommended that no more than one copy of the Noble Qur'an should be allowed in the use of color-coding to indicate Tajweed Rules, more details:


By examination and verification of the "Tajweed Qur'an"
(wa-rattel-el-Qur'ana tartila) related to "DAR AL-MAARIFAH", it has been ascertained that it is in the Othmani style. The methodology adopted by the publishing house has been accurately applied after examining the passages written at the end of it, wherein the publisher explains everything relevant to the application of the idea of coloring ...)

(...The committee of the Noble Qur'an has examined this copy and found it correct in terms of calligraphy and vowelization, and that the idea of time and color coding is a unique and creative idea, and does not conflict with calligraphy and vowelization. It also helps the reader understand the Tajweed rules and their application by means of the codes set at the bottom of each page. The committee attests: That "DAR AL-MAARIFAH" has accurately applied its idea flawlessly.)

Quoted from the report of the Revision Committee of Noble Qur'an approved on Sep. 6th 1999.

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